Friday, December 17, 2010


Difficutly Level: 2/10
Time: 1/2 an hour

Original Pic
Full Size Vector

A request someone made in /w/ on 4chan. As for the character, I have no idea who this might be though I assume she's from a video game.

It was a really quick vector, probably one of the easiest I've made and the person who requested seemed to need it urgently so I did my best to deliver asap... Although I couldn't make it right away because I was dealing with my college schedule and some other rather pressing matters.

The requester also said he/she would be using the vector to print out on hats and shirts. If i can get that person's contact info I'll try to get my hands on pictures of said articles *grin*

I'll also try to figure out the name of the character :I


  1. Cool story & vector!

  2. Thanks for your comment! Srry it took me forever to respond. My apologies.